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Allen Lefohn's photographs have appeared around the world on websites, brochures, and in numerous ballet and music publications, including the League of American Orchestras' Symphony magazine, Dance Teacher, Pointe Magazine, Dance Magazine, as well as Alex Ross's The Rest is Noise.

His unique approach involves photographing artists during the dress rehearsals as well as during actual performances. Watching through his lens, he repeatedly captures those magic moments when a performing artist goes within and connects his or her energy with the energy of the universe. It is at that moment and only that moment--when the performer is freed from the constraints of earthly time--that the magic happens. The audience senses when that moment occurs and is transfixed. Concurrently, the very involvement of the audience further energizes the artist.

Lefohn’s ability to sense that energy and create the image – like the art he is photographing – likewise elicits a transformative response in the viewer.

Over the years, Allen Lefohn has shared these magic moments with viewers around the world and in so doing, contributes to the appreciation of all performing arts.

On invitation, he travels to venues around the world as part of the journey of capturing those magic moments for his clients. One of his life goals is to help others promoting the performing arts to integrate photographs with their creative messages to encourage the financial support of the arts at the local, state, and federal levels of government. Photographs played an important role in convincing Congress in 1872 to establish Yellowstone National Park, the first national park of the U.S. Photographs can serve a similar purpose to convince others to financially support the arts. His gallery "Performing Arts - For Everyone" represents Lefohn's message to encourage the creation of a critical mass of people to move forward to generate greater support for the arts.

Allen Lefohn is President and Founder of A.S.L. & Associates in Helena, Montana.